Chrome extensions

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Set Microsoft Bing as your default homepage and default search engine
26 381,859
Google в качестве стартовой страницы.
301 331,065
E START をスタートページに設定します。
1 252,624
MSN + Bing for Chrome
#4. MSN + Bing for Chrome (v1.0.0.51)
Set MSN as your homepage and Bing as your search engine
82 205,219
Домашняя страница и поиск от Mail.Ru
34 128,038
Лёгкая установка домашней страницы в браузере
127 84,940
New Tab Helper 2019
#7. New Tab Helper 2019 (v2.0.0.5)
This extension is providing a new homepage experience so you can find easier what you need.
68 79,897
Set Chrome's Homepage and New Tab page to
192 44,708
Search by SoSearcher
התוסף משנה את מנוע החיפוש שלך לSoSearcher
2 40,374
Bing FrontPage
#10. Bing FrontPage (v1.0.4)
Start your day exactly how you like it by personalizing your browser.
17 26,609
24 25,526
שמע את השירים החדשים ביותר על ידי שינוי נגן החיפוש שלך
3 21,301
My Global Scoop
#13. My Global Scoop (v1.2)
My Global Scoop
2 24,853
OCG is a free extension that helps save dolphins and the ocean while you use the internet
44 19,576
New Tab Helper 72
#15. New Tab Helper 72 (v2.3.0.5)
Enhance your New Tab Page with a search box that allows you to search the web using Yahoo.
2 18,584
WP Strona Startowa
#16. WP Strona Startowa (v1.9)
Dodatek ustawiający WP jako stronę startową
20 16,014
Update your homepage and bookmarks.
10 15,123
Set MSN Homepage, Bing Search Engine & stay up-to-date with the latest news
6 13,728
Быстрый доступ к поиску и другим сервисам
8 12,059
#20. Tris (v0.10.5)
Search any and see others searching same. Chat with other Searchers in real-time. Create Alerts to be notified when others search.
64 8,482
Start Page
#21. Start Page (v2.4.0.3)
This extension is providing a new homepage experience so you can find easier what you need.
7 6,212
Laban Home Page
#22. Laban Home Page (v1.0) – Danh bạ Internet Việt Nam
99 5,716
Sexy Tab
#23. Sexy Tab (v1.3)
Sexy Google: make your Google Search sexier
259 5,490
افزونه پارسی جو راهی برای استفاده از امکانات موتور جستجوی پارسی جو در مرورگر
35 4,821
Smart and private search engine that optimize your searching experience
0 3,693