Chrome extensions

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Simple and seamless privacy protection for your browser.
1,714 5,570,526
This extension sets your search engine to Ecosia and customizes your new tab page so you can plant trees with every search.
2,227 2,553,374
Microsoft Rewards
Use the Microsoft Rewards extension to find new ways to earn every day, easily track your points and set your default search to Bing
427 1,509,251
#4. Internet-Start (v0.0.8)
Internet-Start will replace your current search and transform the results for your search query into convenient format.
23 1,389,681
Trustnav Safesearch
#5. Trustnav Safesearch (v5.3.3)
Trustnav prevents you from accessing dangerous websites and blocks unwanted ads.
4,037 1,041,749
Detects your music search intent and offers a quick link to find the melodies on streaming sites inside the address bar
20 930,390
Информация всегда под рукой! Ищите и находите все необходимое в интернете с быстрым поиском от Расширение…
37 588,239
Ask Search for Chrome
#8. Ask Search for Chrome (v50.204.19.64359)
Ask Search for Chrome offers convenient browsing tools.
48 534,532
Qwant for Chrome
#9. Qwant for Chrome (v6.0.0)
Qwant Extension defines as your default homepage and search engine.
274 454,246
Yandex search
#10. Yandex search (v0.0.7)
Вводите запросы в адресную строку и получайте ответы от Яндекса Расширение делает Яндекс поиском по умолчанию в браузере. Яндекс…
173 443,911
EAB Search Manager
#11. EAB Search Manager (v2.7.9)
This extension lets you easily switch between search providers.
26 404,490
Set Microsoft Bing as your default homepage and default search engine
26 381,859
#13. MultiSearch (v0.1.1)
Новая вкладка и поиск в адресной строке от MultiSearch
5 291,568
Take back your online privacy by using Startpage as your default search engine.
53 245,184
Protect your digital privacy and enjoy safe browsing experience
47 223,938
#16. Cleanbrowser (v1.0.3)
Get quick access to search every time you open your browser.
4 214,763
Yahoo Search
#17. Yahoo Search (v2.0.3)
See search differently. Set your search engine to Yahoo! This extension automatically sets Yahoo as your default search engine.
66 213,750
Intelligently warns you of adult search query and removes adult autocomplete suggestions from your address bar.
11 203,733
Web Safety
#19. Web Safety (v3.0.2)
Provides two search profiles for parents and children respectively to keep the family’s search activities separated and safe.
66 203,569
MSN + Bing for Chrome
#20. MSN + Bing for Chrome (v1.0.0.51)
Set MSN as your homepage and Bing as your search engine
82 205,219
Browse Incognito
#21. Browse Incognito (v3.1.3)
Browse incognito offers you an easily accessible option to search personal and sensitive information in an Incognito mode
3 183,436
Find-it.Pro Search
#22. Find-it.Pro Search (v1.0.0.6) search results in omnibox
19 169,276
Norton Safe Search Enhanced
#23. Norton Safe Search Enhanced (v3.14.3.12)
Search safely online by enabling Norton Safe Search Enhanced as your default search provider for maximum protection on Chrome.
67 133,457
Домашняя страница и поиск от Mail.Ru
34 128,038
OceanHero -Save the oceans by surfing the web
242 118,063