Chrome extensions

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Visual Bookmarks
#1. Visual Bookmarks (v2.35.0)
Keep all your favorite sites in one place with Visual Bookmarks
8,942 1,322,952
Boruto New Tab
#2. Boruto New Tab (v1.1.2)
Download Boruto most beautiful wallpapers and new tab page extension free.
6 932,938
Seznam doplněk - Esko
Zkrátí cestu na Seznam, přeloží slova, převede měny a pejsek Krasty dá vědět, když zjistí něco navíc.
97 457,601
#4. Hootsuite (v5.245)
Publish updates, track activity, and analyze results across multiple social networks including Twitter and Facebook.
1,836 281,937
Zen Start
#5. Zen Start (v1.16)
Freshen up your new tab page with the content that matters to you.
28 251,160
#6. Newsela (v1.0.3)
Read closely. Think critically. Be worldly.
69 208,644
#7. (v1.1.1)
Create a beautiful blog in minutes
724 183,692
#8. Weather (v5.0.9)
The best way to see the Weather Forecast right in your browser. Easier than looking outside!
5,600 140,646
Notebook Web Clipper
Clear the clutter. Clip the web. Save to Notebook.
986 138,753
#10. Bible (v2.3)
The Bible from YouVersion
1,851 130,713
#11. Currently (v5.1.1)
Replace new tab screen with current time and weather.
2,044 84,507
Rain Alarm
#12. Rain Alarm (v1.3.1)
This weather app warns you when rain is currently nearing.
860 77,447
Rain Alarm Extension
#13. Rain Alarm Extension (v1.5.3)
This weather extension warns you when rain is currently nearing.
450 75,500
FileWave Inventory
#14. FileWave Inventory (v14.1.4.326)
Reports device information from enterprise-enrolled Chromebooks to FileWave inventory
3 71,769
#15. QuickBooks (v67)
Small Business Accounting Made Easy
173 67,437
#16. System (v2.4)
What's in your computer? System provides a lot of technical infos about your computer.
186 62,593
#17. USA TODAY (v3.0)
The latest news, scores, weather, stocks and photos from USA TODAY are now available in the Chrome Web Store.
388 50,424
#18. Join (v1.8.23)
Bring your devices together
416 47,743
InVID WeVerify extension
18 46,902
Leoh New Tab
#20. Leoh New Tab (v0.22.19)
Replace your new tab with a minimalistic and customizable homepage featuring a clock, todo list, weather, bookmarks and much more!
6,747 44,750
#21. PagesJaunes (v2.0)
Retrouvez tous les services PagesJaunes, PagesBlanches et Quidonc dans l'application PagesJaunes pour Chrome !
171 42,495
On The Go Map
#22. On The Go Map (v0.0.0.2)
Map a run, walk, or ride and save in Google Drive. View elevation profiles, share with friends, embed in a website or blog.
439 40,601
Blocksi Web Filter
#23. Blocksi Web Filter (v1.0.168)
Blocksi is the #1 rated extension for Web & Youtube Filtering, Time Management and trend analysis for Chrome and Chromebooks.
475 39,605
More comfortable video watching on YouTube. No adverts, GIF, screenshots, mouse control of the sound, blacklist..
518 39,001
Product Hunt
#25. Product Hunt (v2.1.3)
Product Hunt brings you the best new products, every day. Discover the latest in technology from your new tab and work alongside…
161 33,231