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#1. Tampermonkey (v4.14)
The world's most popular userscript manager
68,879 10,000,000+
Google Drive
#2. Google Drive (v14.5)
Google Drive: create, share and keep all your stuff in one place.
52,062 10,000,000+
#3. MetaMask (v10.8.1)
An Ethereum Wallet in your Browser
2,434 10,000,000+
Chrome Remote Desktop extension
1,779 10,000,000+
Cut, copy, and paste from the right-click menu and ribbon in Office on the web.
234 8,000,000+
View and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
5,746 6,000,000+
#7. Bitmoji (v10.31.1247)
Use Bitmoji anywhere on web!
2,123 6,000,000+
#8. Office (v2.2.9)
View, edit, and create Office documents in your browser.
4,263 4,000,000+
Norton Password Manager
#9. Norton Password Manager (v7.5.0.13)
A cloud-based password manager that makes it easy to log in to your favorite sites.
1,069 4,000,000+
Google Play Books
#10. Google Play Books (v1.1.14)
Choose from over 4 million books on Google Play and take your favorites with you for reading offline.
5,987 3,000,000+
Ronin Wallet
#11. Ronin Wallet (v1.4.1)
A wallet for Sky Mavis's Ronin sidechain
438 3,000,000+
#12. TestNav (v1.10.118)
Online Testing App from Pearson
67 3,000,000+
Record screencasts - record video from your screen. Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots.
15,927 2,000,000+
Video DownloadHelper
#14. Video DownloadHelper (v7.6.0.0)
Download Videos from the Web
14,636 2,000,000+
#15. EditThisCookie (v1.6.3)
EditThisCookie is a cookie manager. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies!
11,508 2,000,000+
vidIQ Vision for YouTube
Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos.
9,162 2,000,000+
Simple and convenient screenshot tool. Select an area, edit your screenshot and upload it to the server.
7,217 2,000,000+
#18. MEGA (v4.10.4)
Secure Cloud Storage and Chat
7,120 2,000,000+
A secure and free password manager for all of your devices.
3,780 2,000,000+
Facebook Pixel Helper
#20. Facebook Pixel Helper (v2.2.0)
The Facebook Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that helps you validate your pixel implementation.
1,090 2,000,000+
Lucidchart for Education
Diagramming software for students, educators, and faculty with an email address from accredited educational institutions.
252 2,000,000+
#22. Istation (v208)
Access the Istation environment with this application.
175 2,000,000+
Vernier Graphical Analysis
#23. Vernier Graphical Analysis (v5.12.0.2248)
Graphical Analysis™ is a tool for science students to collect, graph, and analyze data from Vernier sensors.
99 2,000,000+
Web Developer
#24. Web Developer (v0.5.4)
Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.
3,458 1,000,000+
Citrix Workspace
#25. Citrix Workspace (v22.1.0.4)
Citrix Workspace app for Chrome OS
2,353 1,000,000+
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