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iCloud Bookmarks
#1. iCloud Bookmarks (v2.1.2)
Keep your Chrome bookmarks on Windows up to date with the Safari bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
3,945 7,000,000+
Визуальные закладки – это страница, на которой собраны ваши любимые сайты
8,948 1,000,000+
Yahoo! JAPANに簡単アクセス
67 1,000,000+
Boost browsing productivity with mouse navigation shortcuts - simple Mouse Gestures, Super Drag, Wheel Gestures, Rocker Gestures.
10,980 700,000+
iMacros for Chrome
#5. iMacros for Chrome (v10.1.1)
Automate your web browser. Record and replay repetitious work
2,462 600,000+
CryptoTab START
#6. CryptoTab START (v1.1.8)
New tab page extension for your browser with bunch of beautiful backgrounds and useful widgets.
14,658 500,000+
The Impero Education Pro Chrome Extension enables you to manage and control devices running Google Chrome OS on your network… The…
17 500,000+
Speed Dial 2 New tab
Speed dial 2 is ultimate replacement of new tab page with quick access to your most visited pages, bookmarks and browsing history.
8,042 400,000+
#9. Vimium (v1.67)
The Hacker's Browser. Vimium provides keyboard shortcuts for navigation and control in the spirit of Vim.
4,893 400,000+
Seznam doplněk - Esko
Zkrátí cestu na Seznam, přeloží slova, převede měny a pejsek Krasty dá vědět, když zjistí něco navíc.
97 400,000+
Panic Button
#11. Panic Button (v1.3.0)
Hide all your tabs at once with one single button and restore them later.
4,286 300,000+
#12. Linkclump (v2.9.1)
Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.
3,867 300,000+
Bookmark Sidebar
#13. Bookmark Sidebar (v1.23.2)
Adds a toggleable sidebar with all your bookmarks at the edge of your browser window.
1,412 300,000+
Download Plus
#14. Download Plus (v1.6.7)
Manage your downloads quikly. Fast, Convenient, and Efficient tool for you. Media Detection and Download:Video, audio, images, etc.
6,385 200,000+
Synchronize your bookmarks, FVD Speed Dials. Secure online access. Backup, restore your bookmarks. Sync favorites between computers
3,722 200,000+
#16. Notepad (v6.1.0)
A very simple notepad for Chrome with sync functionality.
918 200,000+
Bookmarks Menu
#17. Bookmarks Menu (v2022.01.10)
Shows bookmarks menu. Works with Chrome and Google bookmarks.
1,838 100,000+
Perfect New tab to organize bookmarks with lots of features. Create named folders with bookmarks, organize apps, set search bar...
843 100,000+
Samsung Internet
#19. Samsung Internet (v2.3.1)
Sign in to your Samsung account to access bookmarks on other devices.
834 100,000+
Screen Reader
#20. Screen Reader (v53.0.2784.13)
A web-powered screen reader
954 100,000+
Bookmarks clean up
#21. Bookmarks clean up (v0.1.0)
Find and remove duplicated bookmarks manually and in batches, get rid of broken bookmark links and empty folders.
401 100,000+
UI.Vision RPA
#22. UI.Vision RPA (v6.3.3)
Universal AI-powered task and UI test automation. RPA combines Visual Web Automation, Visual Desktop Automation and Selenium IDE++.
177 100,000+
#23. (v1.0.2.9) - gives new experience of using browser.
47 100,000+
#24. SuperSorter (v0.6.1)
Clean up your bookmark mess! Sort bookmarks, delete duplicates, merge folders, sort automatically, etc.
1,329 90,000+
Neater Bookmarks
#25. Neater Bookmarks (v0.9.7.1)
A neater bookmarks tree popup.
906 80,000+
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