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Extensions are small programs that run inside web browsers like Google Chrome. They add extra features to the browser without having to download anything new. You can use extensions to make browsing faster, easier, and safer. Some extensions even let you do things like translate text on websites, search the web, and play games.

The Chrome Web Store offers over 120,000 extensions, making it hard to find the best ones. so we have created a way to sort through all of them. Use the dropdown above to set different filters. Extensions are sorted by number of active users.

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#1 Google Docs Offline Google Docs Offline
User count: 10,000,000+
Rating: 4,307
Edit, create, and view your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations — all without internet access.
#2 Autoskip for Youtube Autoskip for Youtube
User count: 9,320,434
Rating: 43
Autoskip clicks the “Skip” button for you on Youtube.
#3 Volume Amplifier Volume Amplifier
Publisher: GabrielFab
User count: 7,538,435
Rating: 59
Amplify sound volume by up to 500%
#4 Avira Browser Safety Avira Browser Safety
Publisher: Avira
User count: 6,752,816
Rating: 2,935
Your surfing made private and secure
#5 Crystal Ad block Crystal Ad block
Publisher: tatumtacey90
User count: 5,571,795
Rating: 37
Crystal ad block - Open source and transparent ad block software.
#6 Foxit PDF Creator Foxit PDF Creator
Publisher: Foxit Software
User count: 4,619,587
Rating: 53
To convert the web page to Foxit PDF
#7 Live color picker Live color picker
User count: 4,180,625
Rating: 36
Simple Color Picker app lets you detect (grab) the color from the browser tab
#8 Brisk VPN Brisk VPN
Publisher: hhpuwi615456
User count: 3,794,533
Rating: 97
Fast and free VPN software. Change IP address and unblock web sites with Brisk VPN!
#9 Return YouTube Dislike Return YouTube Dislike
User count: 3,773,546
Rating: 13,914
Returns ability to see dislikes
#10 Drow Dark theme Drow Dark theme
Publisher: Taylor Gynilsag
User count: 2,930,897
Rating: 30
Apply dark theme to most popular web sites
#11 Eclipse dark theme Eclipse dark theme
Publisher: Emanuela Toader
User count: 2,918,765
Rating: 45
Turn you browser to the dark. Eclipse is a neat dark theme for websites
#12 OrangeMonkey OrangeMonkey
Publisher: exten.helper
User count: 2,802,722
Rating: 129
Lightweight Userscript manager. Provides userscripts support for Chromium browsers
#13 Shazam: Find song names from your browser Shazam: Find song names from your browser
User count: 2,608,017
Rating: 4,141
Identify music, search lyrics & more
#14 Volume Booster Plus Volume Booster Plus
User count: 2,524,783
Rating: 25
Increase audio volume up to 600% from the maximum! Boost your sound
#15 Clipboard Helper Clipboard Helper
Publisher: Rosa Magnusson
User count: 2,515,452
Rating: 16
Clipboard helper tool tracks clipboard history + keyboard shortcuts
#16 Maxi Refresher Maxi Refresher
Publisher: MitchelLil
User count: 2,500,306
Rating: 16
Refresh pages with multiple timers. Reach maximum efficiency with Maxi auto refresh tool
#17 Block Site Plus Block Site Plus
Publisher: john176
User count: 2,490,251
Rating: 113
Block Site Plus is a PIN code protected website blocker. Scheduled browser-wide site blocking
#18 Phantom Phantom
User count: 2,440,316
Rating: 550
A crypto wallet reimagined for DeFi & NFTs
#19 Simple PIP Simple PIP
Publisher: RoselynX
User count: 2,412,724
Rating: 29
Simple picture in picture functionality for online videos.
#20 Video Downloader Basic Video Downloader Basic
Publisher: Colerubin
User count: 2,386,870
Rating: 49
Download online video in one click. Supports HTML5 videos and popular video sites.
#21 Image Downloader - Bulk download images Image Downloader - Bulk download images
Publisher: Image Downloader
User count: 2,161,068
Rating: 186
Browse and download images on the web. Save fav image or select all at once to bulk download.
#22 Moonrise Dark Theme Moonrise Dark Theme
Publisher: Brock Weber
User count: 2,023,091
Rating: 27
Neat dark themes for the most popular websites
#23 Sound Booster that Works! Sound Booster that Works!
User count: 1,907,197
Rating: 146
Volume booster that explodes your system! Boost audio in any tab including Youtube, Twitch, etc. Sound booster that really works!
#24 Microsoft Bing Homepage & Search for Chrome Microsoft Bing Homepage & Search for Chrome
User count: 1,876,326
Rating: 49
Set Microsoft Bing as your default homepage and default search engine
#25 Quick Translation Quick Translation
Publisher: Timothy Dickens
User count: 1,865,502
Rating: 99
Quick and easy to use translation tool. Powered by Google Translate
18,180 results. Page 1 of 728.