10 interesting stats you didn't know about Chrome Web Store

Chrome extension stats

Google Chrome is the world's most popular web browser, and Chrome Web Store offers variety of different tools that help you become safer, smarter, and more productive with just one click.

You have probably installed an ad blocking Chrome extension, or install Honey to save you some money while shopping, or customize your browser with a theme you like. There is no denying that Chrome extensions have become an important part of our lives, but they can also be very dangerous. Many Chrome extensions have been caught stealing personal data, injecting ads, or replace your search engine, etc.

On the other hands, Chrome extension developers are struggling to become successful in Chrome Web Store too. Only a small handful of developers are able to create wildly used extensions. Most extensions have less than 1000 active users, and >90% of extensions are free.

This is why we built chrome-stats.com - to give users and developers more insights into what is going on in Chrome Web Store. All data are updated daily (there might be one day delay between when the data shows up in Chrome Web Store vs. here). Here are some interesting facts that we have found:

1. Extensions, themes, and apps

There are 187,893 items in Chrome Web Store. Out of those, 141,041 (75.06%) are extensions , 28,802 (15.33%) are theme , 18,050 (9.61%) are applications. What are Chrome applications? They are like a regular websites with extra capabilities. Chrome applications are deprecated, though many existing ones can still be found and installed from the Web Store.

Break down by type
Number of extensions in each type
Extension 141,041
Theme 28,802
Application 18,050

2, Publishers

There are 113,376 publishers who have published to Chrome Web Store. 83.76% has published only 1 extension. However, there are 8 publishers who have published 1000+ Chrome extensions. Interestingly, these publishers publish only themes!

# of extensions
Number of extensions by a publisher

3, Active user count

86.07% of all Chrome extensions have less than 1000 active users. Only 279 Chrome extensions have 1M+ active users.

Similar stats can be seen at the author level (looking at the sum of all active users across all extensions owned by a publisher). 82.89% of all authors have less than 1000 active users. Only 279 authors have 1M+ cumulative active users.

Break down by # of active users
Number of active users in an extension
Cumulative # of active users
Sum of active users for all extensions by a publisher

4, Ratings

39.10% of all Chrome extensions have 0-stars ratings, while 27.35% of all Chrome extensions have 5-stars ratings. Looking at the average ratings for a publisher, we again see a lot of 0 and 5 stars ratings: 34.18% of all authors have 0-stars ratings, while 29.66% of all authors have 5-stars ratings.

Based on these, we speculate that most extensions are not even rated by the authors themselves, or are only rated by the author and their friends.

Break down by ratings
Number of extensions with the given ratings
0 stars 73,468
1-1.99 stars 4,570
2-2.99 stars 5,618
3-3.99 stars 16,991
4-4.99 stars 35,848
5 stars 51,398
Author's average ratings
Average ratings across all extensions by a publisher
0 stars 38,752
1-1.99 stars 2,586
2-2.99 stars 3,626
3-3.99 stars 11,588
4-4.99 stars 23,201
5 stars 33,623

5, Categories

Although the developer may select a primary category for their Chrome extension, Google Chrome Web Store may automatically tag it under more categories. As a result, each extension may appear in one or more categories below. The most popular Chrome extension category is Productivity, capturing 26.87% of all Chrome extensions. The Fun category takes second place, with 13.39% of all Chrome extensions.

Break down by categories
Number of extensions in each category. (Note that an extension may belong to more than one category)
Productivity 50,481
Fun 25,156
Web Development 13,950
Communication 12,744
Photos 12,096
Accessibility 11,503
Shopping 7,487
Search Tools 6,356
Games 4,558
News 3,382
Others 32,174

6, Pricings

Chrome Web Store is dominated by free Chrome extensions - 0% are free. Within the paid extensions, about half support a subscription model (pay monthly / annually), while the other half requires a one-time fixed payments. In-App payment make up a small percentage (only 0% of all extensions), but they are able to attract more users than their paid / subscription counter-part.

Break down by pricing model
Number of extensions with the given pricing model

7, Last updated time

Believe it or not, 60.34% of all Chrome extensions have not been updated in the past 2 years. In the past 30 days, 3.66% of extensions have been updated.

Break down by last updated time
Number of extensions last updated in the given time frame

8, Permissions

Chrome extensions are powerful because they have additional permissions to perform operations that a regular website cannot. However, some permission requests may look suspicious. Here are the breakdown of common permissions requested by Chrome extensions.

9, Languages and locales

Chrome Web Store supports 48 languages / locales. Most Chrome extensions support the default English locale, which account for 57.46% of all Chrome extensions.

Break down by languages / locales
Number of extensions in each language / locale
English 107,964
English (United States) 45,256
русский 20,808
日本語 19,244
Français 19,176
español 18,142
Deutsch 17,851
中文 (简体) 17,190
italiano 16,075
한국어 15,735
Türkçe 15,381
polski 15,176
Nederlands 14,968
svenska 14,295
čeština 14,225
suomi 13,771
українська 13,697
română 13,560
slovenský 13,374
hrvatski 13,216
Others 278,413

10, Collections

Chrome Web Store features 199 collections. Most collections have less than 50 extensions. Offline Apps is the largest collection with 16,632 extensions

Break down by collections
Number of extensions in each collection. (Note that an extension may belong to more than one collection)