Compare Chrome extensions: @HP vs Autolingo

  • @HP has 5,990,000+ more weekly active users than Autolingo.
  • @HP has 1.48 lower average rating than Autolingo.
  • @HP has been rated 88 more times than Autolingo.
  • The size of @HP is 11.85% the size of Autolingo.
@HP @HP Stats Autolingo Autolingo
6,000,000+ User count 10,000+
2.94 Average rating 4.43
191 Rating count 103
2015-02-13 Last updated 2022-03-18
23.90K Size 201.73K
1.3 Version 2022.03.18
Short description
HP Pavilion Chromebook. Automatically completes Duolingo lessons so you don't have to!
Full summary
Register with HP enables you to register your device with HP for personalized care. At HP, we are dedicated to delivering the best customer experience to you. If you happen to need support, the registration information we have about you and this computer will allow our support team to help you quickly. Also, if you agree to let us contact you, we will send you product and service offers, support updates, market research opportunities, or other event news. Each promotional email you receive allows you to unsubscribe from future promotional emails.
Why learn a language when Autolingo can learn it for you! 馃敟

This extension adds a button to the top-right of every lesson. If you click this button, it will fully complete the lesson for you.

If you are in the middle of the lesson, you can open the extension and click "Solve & Skip" to complete the current question or "Solve" to just solve it but stay on the question so you can see the answer.
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