Compare Chrome extensions: Privacy Badger vs Udemy Downloader

  • Privacy Badger has 968,613+ more weekly active users than Udemy Downloader.
  • Privacy Badger has 0.39 higher average rating than Udemy Downloader.
  • Privacy Badger has been rated 1,583 more times than Udemy Downloader.
  • The size of Privacy Badger is 232.01% the size of Udemy Downloader.
Privacy Badger Privacy Badger Stats Udemy Downloader Udemy Downloader
1,000,000+ User count 31,387+
4.41 Average rating 4.02
1,679 Rating count 96
2021-12-02 Last updated 2021-04-26
1.39M Size 601.09K
2021.11.23.1 Version 3.1
Short description
Privacy Badger automatically learns to block invisible trackers. Udemy downloader extension.
Full summary
Instead of keeping lists of what to block, Privacy Badger automatically discovers trackers based on their behavior. Privacy Badger sends the Global Privacy Control signal to opt you out of data sharing and selling, and the Do Not Track signal to tell companies not to track you. If trackers ignore your wishes, Privacy Badger will learn to block them.

Besides automatic tracker blocking, Privacy Badger replaces potentially useful trackers (video players, comments widgets, etc.) with click-to-activate placeholders, and removes outgoing link click tracking on Facebook and Google, with more privacy protections on the way. To learn more, see our FAQ at

To get help or to report bugs, please email If you have a GitHub account, you can use our GitHub issue tracker at
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- In this user-friendly chrome extension, you can download the lecture videos in the course content you have already bought on Udemy collectively or individually.

- If you turn off the "ask where to save before downloading" feature in Chrome settings, you can download in a categorized way.
   (You can change the settings on "chrome://settings/downloads")
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