Clarity Developer Tools Clarity Developer Tools

Get insights about how customers use your website.

By: Sarvesh
Rating: 5.00 (5)
Users: 79 +12
Version: 0.5.3 (Last updated: 2020-05-12)
Size: 101.84K
Price: Free
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  • Your data on all websites
  • Your tabs and browsing activity
  • Run JavaScript code in the context of web pages
  • Add features to Chrome Developer Tools
  • Examine manifest for more details
Clarity is a behavioral analytics library written in javascript. It helps you understand how users view and use your website across all modern devices and browsers. Understanding how users navigate, interact and browse your website can provide new insights about your users. Empathizing with your users and seeing where features fail or succeed can help improve your product, grow revenue and improve user retention. 

This is a developer tools extension for chromium based browsers. It demonstrates how various components of Clarity come together and enables live session captures against any website, including allowing developers to downloading event data exactly as captured by Clarity. 
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