Udemy Downloader Udemy Downloader

Publisher: Karcan Ozbal
User count: 31,387+
Rating: 96
Udemy downloader extension.

18 alternatives for Udemy Downloader

1, Udemy Course Finder Udemy Course Finder
Publisher: Castro Agbo
User count: 188
Rating: 0
Explore Udemy courses tailored specifically to your next career move
2, Online Courses Tracker Online Courses Tracker
User count: 5,134+
Rating: 11
Want FREE online courses ? This extension lists daily coupons & free courses in realtime!
3, Online course discount Online course discount
User count: 237
Rating: 2
Get Udemy coupon code here. Save up to 90% off discount. Starting from $10 per course.
4, Coursera HD Video Downloader Coursera HD Video Downloader
Publisher: Rahul Gurung
User count: 2,368+
Rating: 12
Download coursera videos in HD
5, Lyndownloader Lyndownloader
Publisher: Andrew Kozhokaru
User count: 674
Rating: 8
Download all videos for Lynda.com courses. Open course on Lynda.com and push Lyndownloader icon. Videos from entire course will…
6, Udemy™ Mini Player Extension Udemy™ Mini Player Extension
Publisher: leigh.appel
User count: 2,349+
Rating: 36
Easy launch for Udemy™ Mini Player
7, Simple Vimeo Downloader Simple Vimeo Downloader
User count: 136,870+
Rating: 186
Extension for download video and subtitles from Vimeo by injecting download buttons directly into the Vimeo player.
8, Udemy Video Playback Speed Udemy Video Playback Speed
Publisher: gitnix
User count: 3,555+
Rating: 43
Adds additional playback speed options for videos on Udemy.
9, Skillshare Player Control Skillshare Player Control
Publisher: http://avi12.com
User count: 852
Rating: 13
Basic keyboard controls for Skillshare's player.
10, 1K Bot 1K Bot
User count: 290
Rating: 7
Automatically apply coupons and register for 1000's of Free Udemy Courses with one click.
11, My O'Reilly Downloader My O'Reilly Downloader
User count: 2,478+
Rating: 3
Downloads O'Reilly videos in MPEG TS format. You must convert it to MP4 using ffmpeg or HandBrake afterwards, manually.
12, Video Renegade Video Renegade
User count: 1,020+
Rating: 40
Download Wistia, Vimeo, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, & Facebook videos
13, Wistia Video Downloader Wistia Video Downloader
User count: 29,605+
Rating: 92
Download all Wistia videos you see while browsing!
14, LinkedIn Video Downloader LinkedIn Video Downloader
Publisher: Yuri Drabik
User count: 20,300+
Rating: 24
It's the simpliest way to download any video from LinkedIn website.
15, Pesticide for Chrome (without hover bar) Pesticide for Chrome (without hover bar)
Publisher: bradley.flood
User count: 51,252+
Rating: 26
This extension inserts the Pesticide CSS into the current page, outlining each element to better see placement on the page.
16, Get cookies.txt Get cookies.txt
Publisher: Rahul Shaw
User count: 40,459+
Rating: 17
Exports your cookies to the Netscape cookie file format a.k.a. cookies.txt which is compatible with wget, curl, youtube-dl and more.
17, daily.dev | All-in-one coding news reader daily.dev | All-in-one coding news reader
Publisher: http://daily.dev
User count: 91,624+
Rating: 858
daily.dev is the easiest way to stay updated on the latest programming news
18, HTML Tree Generator HTML Tree Generator
Publisher: Joel Saupe
User count: 49,263+
Rating: 21
Html is really a tree of elements, css is what defines the layout. This extension displays any page as a tree.