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2021-04-02 Hitesh Rajpurohit Automatically add 2 times the same email in cc also cannot set 2nd rule for another email id
Walter Kraft
Walter Kraft
I use it to BCC my tracking token on my CRM. Works every time!
Dwi Cahyo Nugroho
This might be a fake review Dwi Cahyo Nugroho
Nice extension, thx for building
Bappa Bhakta
This might be a fake review Bappa Bhakta
Best way to automatically BCC everything to your CRM so you don't forget every time!
My Game
This might be a fake review My Game
Would be good if it worked on my mobile too, but since I send 99% of emails from desktop, this was a v good find
Mary Ortiz
Mary Ortiz
Nice extension, thx for building
Goutam Roy
This might be a fake review Goutam Roy
They recently added the ability to enable/disable auto bcc'ing for individual email accounts. Would like even more rules, but for a free extension, it's 5*!
Knowledge Pack
This might be a fake review Knowledge Pack
Using this to auto bcc all emails from my work email to my personal account for reference - works nicely.
Jon Turner
Jon Turner
The extension works as advertised, but also removes the ability to "reply all" to emails. When you click "reply all" it will strip out all the "cc:ed" recipients.
Kevin Pillay
This might be a fake review Kevin Pillay
I am white.
2020-02-28 aaron santos Awesome it,very helpful..thank you
Was working perfectly, but now replies are not auto BCCing. Compose, and other things that create a "popup" email in the bottom right, it will BCC. but the replies that are below the existing message are not getting BCC'd anymore.
2019-10-15 Lisa Hoang The BCC feature is great, but when I use the CC option and Reply All, it replaces all of the previous CC recipients, which I don't want. Another nice feature would be to add multiple rules based on from and to addresses. Thanks!
Good ... but by showing the bcc field, it pushes the compose window down so I can't see all the buttons at the bottom. Can't use.
2019-08-26 Tamás Majoros I love this addon, thank you for your work Harvey.
Andrew/Drew B.
Andrew/Drew B.
The addition of "my from address is" rule made this 5 stars. Please work on seperate BCC's based on multiple "my from address is" rules. Thank you!
2019-07-23 Adam Asper Developer is awesome quick to help and amazing extension!
Sandy Donaldson
Sandy Donaldson
Very useful, Does what it says on the tin. Was wondering if its possible to only auto bcc if the from address matches something specified?
2019-07-09 Eric Froese This extension uses the "Read your browsing history" permission. I am not sure why it would ever need this.
Michael Carpenter
Michael Carpenter
One, This is awesome! Great work! And two, my users need this tool but with they have to automatically CC instead of BCC. We would be happy to commision this from you if it is too tall of an ask as an update to this tool.
Brian Wright
Brian Wright
Hey sir, I know you did this for free. I also know it took some time to accomplish. The going rate for a thing like this is about 5.99. gimme your PayPal and I'll buy you the equivalent of a cheap beer, or if you're really cheap a pack of terrible beer.
Org Est
This might be a fake review Org Est
Works great - really useful keeping my boss up to date with everything.
Sayan Roy
This might be a fake review Sayan Roy
Does what it says on the tin - easy, fast and no popups.