Prevent data-urls in omnibar Prevent data-urls in omnibar

Publisher: Zzapps
User count: 3,842+
Rating: 0
Simple extension to prevent opening op data-urls. Effectivily forces setting when pushed to managed chromebooks.

18 alternatives for Prevent data-urls in omnibar

1, Proxy Switcher Proxy Switcher
Publisher: stalkr
User count: 401
Rating: 1
A simple, minimal Chrome extension to switch between configured proxy profiles.
2, DS Amazon Quick View DS Amazon Quick View
Publisher: amidart
User count: 353,296+
Rating: 651
Productivity extension for Amazon !!! Works only on For other marketplaces please use the extended version:…
3, Capture EndNote Reference Capture EndNote Reference
User count: 55,523+
Rating: 207
Simple bookmarklet extension to capture references into EndNote online.
4, enable-selection enable-selection
Publisher: limkokhole
User count: 1,265+
Rating: 6
Enable Selection in some websites which block selection by mouse to open context menu and copy. This small (only ~20 lines of…
5, Chrome_MultiMonitor Chrome_MultiMonitor
Publisher: emdsys
User count: 2,976+
Rating: 5
This extension will help you to position a tab on another monitor from a web page. Actually chrome will not let you to do that from…
6, Tab Out! Tab Out!
User count: 376
Rating: 10
Tab Out! is a simple but empowering extension for chrome. Tab Out! frees you from the mess of tabs that we all get ourselves into.…
7, Auto 'See More' for Microsoft Teams Web Auto 'See More' for Microsoft Teams Web
User count: 509
Rating: 3
This simple Google Chrome extension for Microsoft Teams Web came about after realising that its quite tedious to be constantly…
8, The 20 Second Rule The 20 Second Rule
User count: 905
Rating: 4
The 20 Second Rule Chrome Extension is a simple productivity tool that enables you to make distracting sites 20 seconds harder to…
9, Quick Bookmarks Quick Bookmarks
User count: 214
Rating: 0
A convenient way how to access your Chrome bookmarks from any website you're currently browsing. Extension serves only as a…
10, Aliasify Aliasify
Publisher: joshuarussell
User count: 114
Rating: 4
A Chrome extension to turn off website text anti-aliasing.
11, Movable Ink Behavior Tracking Movable Ink Behavior Tracking
Publisher: Movable Ink
User count: 652
Rating: 3
Movable Ink's Chrome Extension will help you see if your behavior tracking events are firing correctly.
12, Web Lock Web Lock
Publisher: anilcharan7295
User count: 211
Rating: 5
This is extension to lock your personal sites.
13, OutSystems Local storage Explorer OutSystems Local storage Explorer
Publisher: bruno.m.martinho
User count: 306
Rating: 7
Often, while developing mobile application with local storage data it is essential to know what data is those tables. For those who…
14, Programmatically Proxy Switcher Programmatically Proxy Switcher
Publisher: hhetao700
User count: 147
Rating: 1
This extension helps developers to change their proxy in Chrome using a simple JavaScript programming code. To using this…
15, Cookie ACL Manager Cookie ACL Manager
Publisher: Polar Navy LLC
User count: 42
Rating: 0
This is a simple cookie ACL setting extension. It can: - Place an icon on the Chrome toolbar that shows whether cookies are…
16, Sticky Header Hider aka Fixed Header Fixer Sticky Header Hider aka Fixed Header Fixer
User count: 223
Rating: 14
Makes it easier to read articles by hiding sticky elements of webpages, so they don't follow you and waste your screen space while…
17, Get Referrer URL Get Referrer URL
Publisher: fixplz
User count: 650
Rating: 1
Adds a little icon in the URL bar that lets you see the referring URL (the page you opened the current tab from)
18, Alt+Tabs Alt+Tabs
Publisher: leopitcher168
User count: 148
Rating: 1
About: Alt+Tabs is a Google Chrome extension that provides tabs switching functionality in addition to those offered by the Chrome…