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Modified from NeatBookmarks, an excellent bookmark extension for Google Chrome.

Clicking the Bookmark Star in Chrome is an awful way to add a bookmark, and what I need is an extension just like "AddBookmarkHere" for Firefox. So I added some new features to "NeatBookmarks", it's easy to manage your bookmarks now.

1) Bookmark current tab before selected bookmark/folder.
2) Bookmark current tab after selected bookmark/folder.
3) Bookmark current tab to the top of selected folder.
4) Bookmark current tab to the bottom of selected folder.
5) Add a sub-folder into selected folder.
6) Update URL of selected bookmark with current URL.
7) Copy title and URL information for selected bookmarks into clipboard.
8) Add an option: only show the nodes of the Bookmark Bar.
9) Add: Synchronizable bookmark separators.
10) Add: update checking and notification based on github. A tricky solution.
11) Fix bugs in Neat Bookmarks.

1) 在选中的书签/文件夹之前/之后添加当前tab为新书签
2) 在选中的文件夹顶部/底部添加当前tab为新书签
3) 在选中的文件夹中添加子文件夹
4) 替换选中的书签的URL为当前tab的URL
5) 拷贝选中书签的标题和URL到剪贴板
6) 增加选项:仅在插件里显示书签工具栏中的书签
7) 可同步的书签分隔符
8) 内建的新版本提醒
9) 修正Neat Bookmarks中的已知BUG
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