Super Viewer for Facebook Super Viewer for Facebook

Compare Chrome extensions: Super Viewer for Facebook vs Last Faced
  • Super Viewer for Facebook has 49,000+ more weekly active users than Last Faced.
  • Super Viewer for Facebook has 0.02 higher average rating than Last Faced.
  • Super Viewer for Facebook has been rated 697 more times than Last Faced.
  • The size of Super Viewer for Facebook is 161.73% the size of Last Faced.
Super Viewer for Facebook Super Viewer for Facebook
Stats Last Faced Last Faced
50,000+ User count 1,000+
3.30 Average rating 3.27
708 Rating count 11
2021-12-28 Last updated 2014-12-28
28.04K Size 17.34K
1.5.4 Version 1.14
Short description
See who views or visited your Facebook profile, photos or Messenger! Check their relationship! Works only with Facebook already open When were your friends on Facebook?
Full summary
* ATTENTION * : You MUST switch to the classic Facebook layout for this to work, as it doesn't work with the new Facebook layout. Search for "Classic Facebook" on the Chrome Web Store as there are extensions to do that.

THE ONLY extension which REALLY shows who stalks your profile or views your photo/video/post or Messenger Profile in their News Feed or on their Phone!

+ Your friends DON'T NEED to have Super Viewer installed. It Just Works!
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Find out when your friend was on Facebook.

NOTE: It can only work for friends you have messaged, and use FB mobile app.

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