Stunt Master Stunt Master

You are an unknown stunt master and your mission is to conquer the world of Hollywood action films.

Rating: 3.94 (16)
Users: 3,000+
+1,000 vs 1 week ago
Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2015-05-10)
Size: 59.86K
Risk level: Probably safe
This game is full of action and is based on a stuntman. You have to select a bike or a car. You have to perform great stunts. You must try to clear all the stunt levels. You have to use the arrow keys up to accelerate and the space to use nitro to do a wheelie. It is an interesting game. The game is filled with various stunts as the name suggests. It is fun playing this game. To finish a stunt it has to be passed via the final camera crew to be sure that you have hit the final mark. The running man, the bike bandit and the mustang mayhem are all part of this game.

Make several movie scenes that many actors do not have the guts to do with passing cars, bikes or even walk for hazardous locations and filled with explosions, fire and everything else you can imagine, completing the goal of each scene to complete the stage.
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