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Get The Bioshock Extension With More Additional Features

This extension is no longer available in Chrome Web Store
Rating: 5.00 (30)
Users: 2,457 -224
Version: 0.6.9 (Last updated: 2018-12-26)
Size: 196.61K
Price: Free
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It's finally here, your amazing new tab page! Welcome to Bioshock, a customized images app for all you fans! Enjoy a vast variety of images and many other wonderful features.  
Once you download the awesome Bioshock extension, you allow us to make necessary revises on your chrome features. You'll notice a minor revise on the style and functions of your new tab, for the better :)
If you have any questions/ideas/reviews about Bioshock that you think can be helpful, let us know! We will love to hear and get better :)
Hey, we just wanted to say thanks for joining and hope you find the Bioshock addon wonderful! 
Some of our latest functions on Bioshock new tab extenstion:
*Interactive Games - Play all the best games online.
*TDL and note pad - So you'll never forget your tasks.
*Search bar - use it to search for everything online right off your Bioshock new tab!

*How to remove?*
1. Go to your chrome's settings. 2. set the app page. 3. Select wanted Bioshock app off the list. 4. Press 'remove'. 5. That's it.