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This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2020-12-07
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Users: 124,685+
Version: 1.1 (Last updated: 2020-10-08)
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Search Aliexpress ™ by picture
It so happened that you liked the products in the photo and you wanted to buy them, but you did not know how to find them?
Now with Search Aliexpress ™ it's just two clicks of the right mouse button - and you can easily find many products with the prices of your photo on!

Aliexpress ™ picture can find any image on the Internet, not just in the store or on the product page.

On the search results page, you can see the price and choose the cheapest option using Search Aliexpress ™!

Now you can make even more orders with Search Aliexpress ™.
We tried to make an excellent assistant for your purchases!

If you like Search Aliexpress ™, share it with others. Your positive feedback helps me improve it. Thanks!


★ Reviews - Search Aliexpress ™ users (we are proud)

Dimitriy Filin ★★★★★
Thank you very much for this extension. Search Aliexpress helps me a lot, easily finding the right products. I recommend Search Aliexpress to everyone.

Giorgi Golikashvili ★★★★★
A very necessary extension. After installing Search Aliexpress ™ I often use it. The search for goods is much easier.

Josue Perault ★★★★★
Search Aliexpress ™ A very useful thing is often that you do not know the name, but you can find it very conveniently in the picture

Maddie Ashleighn ★★★★★
I installed the Search Aliexpress extension for myself, for purchases on the Internet, what I need, the Aliexpress picture helps to find the right product without problems, thanks.

Mixail Lad ★★★★★
Excellent work went thanks to Search Aliexpress, I find goods very conveniently and quickly. Thank you so much for such usefulness.

David Cornes ★★★★★
A very convenient thing, I found a bunch of things that I have been looking for a long time thanks to Search Aliexpress.

John Doyoff ★★★★★
For me personally, the application was not only useful, but also necessary. I purchased a great product at a discount. Search Aliexpress ™ developers did their best.

Ben Benjamin ★★★★★
Search Aliexpress ™ Abrupt expansion, very surprised that they even came up with this. I use it myself and advise everyone!

Brenda Brown ★★★★★
Search Aliexpress ™ picture Excellent extensions, I use it every day!

Vasiy Piegy ★★★★★
Search Aliexpress Very convenient extension! It helps when navigating among a variety of products on aliexpress.


Search Aliexpress changes list (major changes)

- Minor corrections. Search Aliexpress ™ User Interface Material Updated
- Minor UI material correction on Search Aliexpress ™.
- Improved Search Aliexpress ™ setup page for connecting to Aliexpress.
- Changes have been made to Search Aliexpress ™ to quickly find products by picture.
- Minor technical fixes for ease of use Search Aliexpress ™.
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