Compare Chrome extensions: SuperNova SWF Enabler vs FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML

  • SuperNova SWF Enabler has 650,000+ more weekly active users than FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML.
  • SuperNova SWF Enabler has 1.63 lower average rating than FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML.
  • SuperNova SWF Enabler has been rated 284 more times than FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML.
  • The size of SuperNova SWF Enabler is 102.22% the size of FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML.
SuperNova SWF Enabler SuperNova SWF Enabler Stats FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML FlashPlayer - SWF to HTML
700,000+ User count 50,000+
2.01 Average rating 3.64
320 Rating count 36
2022-09-29 Last updated 2022-06-09
4.35M Size 4.26M
0.92 Version 0.2.4
Short description
Allow users to easily play their favorite SWF Game Content Open SWF links of Adobe Animate (Flash) in a pure sandboxed JavaScript emulator
Full summary
Keep playing all your favorite content with the SuperNova SWF Enabler. Don't let big companies take away your fun -- Supernova SWF enables lets you keep playing all your favorite SWF games on your favorite gaming websites.*

Without SuperNova, hundreds of thousands of web games might eventually no longer be available to users, and we would lose decades of internet gaming history.

But by installing the SuperNova SWF Enabler, you will be able to access all the SWF content on all of your preferred web destinations, and keep playing your favorite games - forever.
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This extension plays  SWF objects of Adobe Animate (Flash) in a pure JS emulator without the need to have a native Flash plug-in like Adobe FlashPlayer. The extension uses two open-source Flash to JS libraries (Ruffle and SWF2JS) as its emulation engine. By default, the extension does not play Flash objects instead, the user presses the toolbar button for the extension to find all available Flash objects or links in the current webpage. It will offer the user to select the proper SWF object and then send the link to a stand-alone emulator window. This way Flash objects are only functioning when there is a request. For Flash links, the extension adds a context menu item to these links so you can directly emulate an SWF link. Since this extension does not run Flash by default, it is lighter than other similar extensions. It only runs Flash on demand.

Runs a pure JavaScript-based Flash emulator
Does not require any native plug-ins
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