Galar Pokedex:Official Galar Region Pokedex Galar Pokedex:Official Galar Region Pokedex

User count: 62
Rating: 1
This is list of Pokémon in the order by the Galar Pokedex, followed by Pokémon native to the Galar pokedex region.

24 alternatives for Galar Pokedex:Official Galar Region Pokedex

1, The PokeInfo - PokeDex. The PokeInfo - PokeDex.
Publisher: bng_dev
User count: 719
Rating: 6
The PokéInfo - PokéDex. Get detailed pokémon info through an easy-to-use an retro look-and-feel pokédex!
2, Browse Battle Browse Battle
Publisher: Jason S. Mow
User count: 195
Rating: 26
Browse Battle allows you to engage in Pokemon-like battles across the web as you browse
3, Pokedex Linker Pokedex Linker
User count: 23
Rating: 3
Converts pokemon names to links that open up with easy access info when you hover over the link.
4, Pokemon Legends Extension Pokemon Legends Extension
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 59
Provides features for
5, PokemonGo Egg Probability PokemonGo Egg Probability
Publisher: Madhu Sigdel
User count: 84
Rating: 1
Extension for customizable silphRoad Egg probability!
6, Fix Pokemon Fix Pokemon
Publisher: osnr
User count: 15
Rating: 1
Replaces 'Pokemon' with 'Pokémon'.
7, Pokémon Showdown Enhanced Tooltips Pokémon Showdown Enhanced Tooltips
Publisher: djalco
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 71
Enhanced tooltips for Pokémon Showdown
8, PokePortrait PokePortrait
User count: 170
Rating: 7
Show the corresponding pokemon portrait when hovering a pokemon name
9, Pokemon Cursor Pokemon Cursor
Publisher: cathyho
User count: 2,000+
Rating: 5
Pokemon cursor for chrome. New browser experience with custom Pokemon cursor extension. Created for Pokemon game fans.
10, PokeFinder PokeFinder
Publisher: mdc405
User count: 82
Rating: 2
Wonder what this Pokemon is? We got you.
11, Pokénotifier: Pokemon GO notifications Pokénotifier: Pokemon GO notifications
Publisher: Flaunt Digital
User count: 719
Rating: 20
Get a notification when a Pokémon is nearby and ready to catch. Based on the hit game Pokemon Go.
12, Pokémon Showdown Enhanced Tooltips Pokémon Showdown Enhanced Tooltips
Publisher: generisk
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 4
Displays additional information on tooltips of Pokémon Showdown.
13, Pokémon Expanded Pokémon Expanded
Publisher: rred
User count: 196
Rating: 7
Never be a casual again!
14, PokeDream Pokedex Pokemon Search PokeDream Pokedex Pokemon Search
User count: 734
Rating: 17
Search bar for PokeDream's Pokedex. Use it to look up detailed images and information on all the Pokemon.
15, Pokemon Countdown Timer Pokemon Countdown Timer
Publisher: Joe Hays
User count: 533
Rating: 29
This is a fan-made extension that allows anyone to quickly check how soon the new Pokemon games will be released!
16, Pokemon GO Pokedex Pokemon GO Pokedex
User count: 118
Rating: 4
Поиск по базе покемонов сайта Используйте, чтобы посмотреть как выглядит покемон и его подробные характеристики.
17, Showdown Team Backup Showdown Team Backup
Publisher: Matthias Loong
User count: 56
Rating: 0
Backup and restore Pokemon Showdown! teams using text files.
18, Pokémon Showdown Enhanced Tooltips Pokémon Showdown Enhanced Tooltips
Publisher: jumbowhales
User count: 15
Rating: 2
Enhanced tooltips for Pokémon Showdown
19, Smogon Stats Smogon Stats
Publisher: pokemondev
User count: 121
Rating: 1
Chrome Extension that helps Pokemon Showdown players using Smogon usage data statistics
20, PokeTranslate PokeTranslate
Publisher: szymoninho
User count: 48
Rating: 1
Translates Pokemon-related Japanese words to English
21, Pokemon Glazed Pokemon Glazed
User count: 152
Rating: 0
Pokemon Glazed now available on Chrome
22, SetDeli SetDeli
Publisher: setdeliext
User count: 27
Rating: 1
SetDeli creates a new dropdown menu on the import page of Pokemon Showdown's teambuilder which leverages the SetDeli API to…
23, Pokemon No Pokemon No
Publisher: iamtommymcdonald
User count: 10
Rating: 0
Replaces text containing pokemon go because you're too pretentious to handle it.
24, Pokemon Ruby Version New Tab Pokemon Ruby Version New Tab
User count: 151
Rating: 0
Pokemon Ruby Version New Tab is now available on Chrome