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Markdown Notes Markdown Notes

Markdown editor, the BEST or NOTHING!

Rating: 3.20 (5)
Users: 200 -3
Version: 0.1.3 (Last updated: 2016-05-27)
Size: 322.56K
Price: Free
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A classical notepad for markdown editing. Awesome features built-in multi-tabs,auto saving,inserting local image without upload,paste the screen capture,Github flavored and so on.

## Features

* Multiple tabs

  Power you to open, edit or preview multiple files on the same time  
* Auto save and recovery

  Not need to save manually, data can be recoved next time when close the browser,even terminated by power off.
* Insert a local image without upload

  Not like more editor do, you don't need to upload before inserting a local image.

* Paste screen capture directly

  Print your screen with keyboard button "PrtScn", then "Ctrl+V" directly

* Shortcuts
* Fullscreen mode

* Github flavored
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