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Thousands of marketers have already invested in Market Samurai and secured their full copy of Market Samurai

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Thousands of marketers have already invested in Market Samurai, and secured their full copy of Market Samurai.

And right now, as I write this...

They are snapping up easy, low-competition keywords with good traffic, and good profit potential, possibly in YOUR market.

They are now armed with the tools inside Market Samurai, they can avoid making the mistakes that cause 99% of online marketers to fail - picking the wrong keywords, going into markets with too little traffic or too little value, or trying to break into markets that are far too competitive. As a result, they'll profit where most others fail.


If you didn't take advantage of Market Samurai's lowest offer for my subscribers - for most of you, this offer has already expired - and you'll never have the opportunity to buy for such a low price again.

That offer is gone forever.

So if you're feeling a twinge of regret right now because of the lost opportunity, that's understandable. 

After all, it really was a great deal.

And even though I can't extend that offer for you, I want to give you one last chance...

Here's the deal

If your $97 discount has expired, there's no way to get the $97 price back... It just wouldn't be fair to the people who acted quickly, and took action to invest  in what is really THE ONE tool you need to run a successful online business.

But because I genuinely want to see you succeed - and because I believe Market Samurai is a no-brainer - here's what I convinced them to do:

If you buy Market Samurai before your trial period expires (you should have another 5 days or so left by my calculations), then you can still pick up Market Samurai for a discounted $127 a one time payment instead of the full retail price (the price that's offered to the general public, on Market Samurai's own web-site).

If you don't own Market Samurai yet, you need to get it now. This is one tool that you'll use practically daily, it has more advanced features than any other piece of internet marketing software available today, and at $127 (with no hidden subscription fees), it's a no-brainer.

Especially when you consider that this product should be selling for AT LEAST $500+ or more based on what it can do for your business!

So you have two choices:

1. Register Market Samurai now and keep all the functionality AND pay just once instead of every month, not to mention the confidence you'll have just by being equipped with tools that will help you avoid joining the 99% of all SEO marketers who fail...


2. Pass on this offer, and lose the majority of Market Samurai's functionality in a few days time when your trial expires.

(including the vital SEO Competition module which you'll need to assess the strength of your competition - the MOST IMPORTANT of the 4 Golden Rules)

I can only hold them to this special treatment for my subscribers for a little while longer:

Talk soon,

Claude Corry

PS: One quick question for you to ponder: SEO is a hard game, if you don't have the right tools. How will you avoid search engine insignificance when your Market Samurai trial expires?

Avoid the harsh reality of having to answer that question by acting on your one last chance to get Market Samurai for far less than the public price: