Road Blocks Road Blocks

Compare Chrome extensions: Road Blocks vs 0h h1
  • Road Blocks has 40,000+ more weekly active users than 0h h1.
  • Road Blocks has 1.49 lower average rating than 0h h1.
  • Road Blocks has been rated 101 less times than 0h h1.
  • The size of Road Blocks is 10.31% the size of 0h h1.
Road Blocks Road Blocks
Stats 0h h1 0h h1
60,000+ User count 20,000+
3.01 Average rating 4.50
158 Rating count 259
2019-07-07 Last updated 2015-09-23
71.56K Size 694.27K
1.3.0 Version 1.3.3
Short description
Connect the map in this road building puzzle game. A little logic game.
Full summary
Connect the grid and build infrastructure with Road Blocks, a challenging puzzle game for Chrome.

Complete the puzzles and unlock free play mode to build the little town of your dreams.

Completely free, no in-app purchases.
0h h1 is a little logic game by Q42.

It follows three simple rules:

1. Three red tiles or three blue tiles next to each other in a row or column isn't allowed
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