Road Blocks Road Blocks

Compare Chrome extensions: Road Blocks vs Minesweeper
  • Road Blocks has 50,000+ more weekly active users than Minesweeper.
  • Road Blocks has 0.51 lower average rating than Minesweeper.
  • Road Blocks has been rated 123 more times than Minesweeper.
  • The size of Road Blocks is 69.19% the size of Minesweeper.
Road Blocks Road Blocks
Stats Minesweeper Minesweeper
60,000+ User count 10,000+
3.01 Average rating 3.51
158 Rating count 35
2019-07-07 Last updated 2016-12-28
71.56K Size 103.42K
1.3.0 Version 1.1.1
Short description
Connect the map in this road building puzzle game. The original Minesweeper recreated as a Chrome App.
Full summary
Connect the grid and build infrastructure with Road Blocks, a challenging puzzle game for Chrome.

Complete the puzzles and unlock free play mode to build the little town of your dreams.

Completely free, no in-app purchases.
Play the classic Minesweeper as a Chrome App!  The game has been recreated as true to the original as possible.  This nostalgic game is still a fun challenge to play today.  See how fast you can clear the board and win.  Be sure to share this app with your friends and see who's the best!

The goal of the game is to uncover every square without a mine under it.  By uncovering a mine, you lose.  Don't worry though; the first square you uncover will never be a mine!  When you uncover a square, it will display a number that describes how many mines are in the surrounding eight squares.  You can place a flag on a square to signify that it has a mine under it.  You do not need to place flags to win, but they sure are helpful!  If you have marks selected, you can flag the square once more to mark it as a possible mine.  You cannot uncover flagged squares, but you can uncover marked squares, so be careful.  To unflag or unmark a square, flag or mark it again.  If you get too frustrated, you can start a new game and try again!  Sometimes you may run out of squares you know do not have mines under them.  At this point, you'd have to make a random guess, so don't feel bad if luck wasn't on your side.  There's always the next game!  And if you decide you've played enough for the day, your settings are automatically backed up and synced to your Chrome account.
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