Heartbeat Heartbeat

Transform REST Endpoints into Streaming APIs!

Rating: 4.26 (46)
Users: 3,000+
Version: 0.1 (Last updated: 2016-07-21)
Size: 5.33K
Heartbeat transforms REST endpoints into streaming APIs so you don't need to poll APIs periodically. Build for the #realtimeweb.

Key Features:

1. Convert any REST API into a streaming API with zero lines of code,
2. Access streams via a GUI dashboard, JS or REST APIs,
3. Optionally, store results for up to 6 hours and run advanced search queries on the stream via appbase.io's APIs.

It's free to use while in beta.

Technical notes:
* Heartbeat uses websockets as the underlying protocol so the resulting streaming APIs work well both on browsers and on other languages.
* Currently works with REST APIs that return JSON responses on either GET or POST requests, supports Basic Auth, custom headers.
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