Strike Through Extension Strike Through Extension

Allows the user to strike out all the selected items.

Rating: 2.71 (21)
+0.11 vs 1 week ago
Users: 10,000+
+8K vs 1 week ago
Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2015-03-12)
Size: 14.41K
Risk level: High risk
This extension is meant to help users manually parsing huge lists of data/information by allowing them to simply strike out all the unnecessary data by adding a strike through the undesired data string via the use of a simple mouse click.

To use the extension functionality follow the following steps:

1) Select the undesired data using your mouse.
2) Right-click the mouse to open the context menu.
3) Click on the "Strike Through" command to strike the items out
4) To remove the strike, re select the desired items and follow steps 2-3.
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