Compare Chrome extensions: Autolingo vs Duolingo Solution Viewer

  • Autolingo has 8,000+ more weekly active users than Duolingo Solution Viewer.
  • Autolingo has 0.22 lower average rating than Duolingo Solution Viewer.
  • Autolingo has been rated 83 more times than Duolingo Solution Viewer.
  • The size of Autolingo is 133.11% the size of Duolingo Solution Viewer.
Autolingo Autolingo Stats Duolingo Solution Viewer Duolingo Solution Viewer
10,000+ User count 2,000+
4.43 Average rating 4.65
103 Rating count 20
2022-03-18 Last updated 2022-07-31
201.73K Size 151.55K
2022.03.18 Version 4.10.5
Short description
Automatically completes Duolingo lessons so you don't have to! Provides access to the lists of solutions for Duolingo's translation / listening challenges, and restores the correction of typos.
Full summary
Why learn a language when Autolingo can learn it for you! 🔥

This extension adds a button to the top-right of every lesson. If you click this button, it will fully complete the lesson for you.

If you are in the middle of the lesson, you can open the extension and click "Solve & Skip" to complete the current question or "Solve" to just solve it but stay on the question so you can see the answer.
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For more detailed information, screenshots, or if you have any support request, visit the development page of the extension here:

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