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The Digital Driver's License (DDL) helps push conversations on being good digital citizens.  The idea of being a good digital citizen becomes more important as schools start to adopt 1:1 initiatives, get more comfortable with students bringing in their own technology and use various technology as a part of the learning process. Where does this get taught? Who teaches it? How do we keep track of all of this? How do we know what areas need addressing and/or follow up? The DDL project allows learners (wether they be students or teachers) to get exposure to concepts through cases. citizens. Learners can take the practice and evaluative exercises to both facilitate and certify their knowledge. Teachers, Principals and Central Office folks can access student "Case Data" for certification needs. If a student moves schools they can take their license with them. By providing schools with this mechanism to manage the data we hope to be a catalyst in helping schools move to NxGL environments by lowering the "activation energy" of a transition process and giving students (and teacher, principals, board members, parents, etc.) exposure to some fundamental concepts. Much like a drivers license, we don't expect this to turn students into "good drivers" but at least give them a base coat of knowledge to get them moving (Of course we'll never make any headlines using measured statements like that). I meant to say, AFTER ONE HOUR ON THE DDL, YOUR SCHOOL WILL BE TRANSFORMED!! Unbridled hyperbolye is fun, but of course this is just one component in a larger plan. Remember catalysts speed up a reaction, but don't change the products (i.e. garbage in = garbage out, just at an accelerated pace). While we are pretty stoked about this initial implementation, the potential power of this comes when we people in the DDL comunity start adding additional content, so contribute. Make it better.  Create an account to see a sample case.
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