Attack on Titan Wallpapers HD for New Tab Attack on Titan Wallpapers HD for New Tab

HD Attack on Titan Wallpapers with useful utilities for Chrome New Tab.

This extension is no longer available in Chrome Web Store
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Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2020-03-30)
Size: 17.98M
Price: Free
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Attack on Titan Wallpapers for New Tab Chrome extension is the greatest collection of the best wallpapers from the whole web. With these 4k Wallpapers Theme HD for New Tab superb this boring Chrome New Tab will undergo incredible metamorphoses and will definitely be delighted by the result. Don`t miss such a good opportunity to get these stunning Attack on Titan Wallpapers HD New Tab Backgrounds. This extension is a great combination of Wallpapers HD and useful features. Attack on Titan Wallpaper Backgrounds for Chrome New Tab are exactly what you was looking for.
But what exactly will you get after installing this app? Here is list of features:
- Useful search bar
- Access to most viewed websites
- Option of creating to-do list
- Local time and date option
- You can add your own “sticky” notes right on the tab
- The best wallpapers and backgrounds of Attack on Titan for your Chrome. You`ll definitely won`t be disappointed!
- Option, which will hide signs, inscriptions and all the elements of new tab.
- You can choose one favorite background or just let them change by default.

Don`t you think, that your Chrome New Tab looks very boring? We`re going to change it once and for all with our stunning Attack on Titan HD Wallpapers! You are here to get some cool Backgrounds and you will get it! Comfort and beauty – are the main aspect for us to provide you, and you will definitely get it by installing this Attack on Titan Wallpapers Theme Chrome extension.

The Attack on Titan Wallpaper HD Theme is created by fans and has nothing to do with creators and copyright holders.