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Know when your email is viewed.

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🔔 Get notified with a browser or email notification when your email is opened
✅ Turn email tracking on or off with a single click
⏰ Schedule tracked emails to be sent at a later date and time
📝 See all your tracked emails in an organized list
👥 Use on multiple Gmail accounts for free
⛔️ No ads in your signature

Use Streak to see which emails have been opened or not. See exactly when your email was last opened, so you know who's interested and when to follow up next. You can also see how many times an email has been opened to know if your email is being forwarded or looked at multiple times.

Streak Email Tracker is an email tracking extension for Gmail and Google Workspace users.  It’s completely free with unlimited usage, and built entirely inside Gmail.

Streak is a Premier Google Partner and Google Cloud Partner of the Year. We're used by hundreds of thousands of companies including Uber, Opendoor, Y Combinator, Keller Williams.

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