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Costello helps you answer sales objections in real-time, capture notes, and sync everything to your CRM after a sales call ends.

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Users: 111
Version: 2.19.5 (Last updated: 2019-05-02)
Size: 16.25K
Price: Free
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Have you ever frozen on a cold call? It’s easy to do. 

Not asking the right questions, stumbling on objections, or forgetting to tell the right customer story can keep you from booking a meeting. 

In the past, SDR/BDRs had to use Google Docs, Post-It Notes, or pdfs as a back-up plan on calls. Scrolling through docs distracts us from the conversation we’re having at the moment. 

What if there was a better way? 

The extension is designed to be used during SDR/BDR calls. It provides a real-time co-pilot that:

-Keeps you confident with immediate answers to objections and questions about competitors
-Helps you build trust by providing relevant customer stories to tell 
-Ensures that you earn your buyer's respect by always asking the right questions

After a call concludes, the Costello Chrome Extension pushes notes to your CRM, sends a call summary to Slack, and can even create a sales opportunity — all from the push of a button.

The extension is designed to work wherever you go. It’s smaller on-screen footprint allows SDRs/BDRs to have it open inside their sales engagement tool or CRM.

It’s available to anyone with a Costello account. Learn more at
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