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Playfair Cipher Playfair Cipher

Simple tool for encrypting and decrypting using the Playfair Cipher

Rating: 4.75 (4)
Users: 198 -11
Version: 0.5.1 (Last updated: 2013-04-23)
Size: 103.42K
Price: Free
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The Playfair Cipher tool is a Chrome Packaged App for quickly encrypting and decrypting plain text with the Playfair Cipher. The Playfair Cipher is a simple pencil-and-paper cipher which doesn't suffer from some of the common weaknesses with simple substitution ciphers. However, it's not resistent to all forms of cryptanalysis.

This application sends no information over the network except the two preference checkbox are stored in your Google profile to be restored each time you start the tool. Neither keyphrases, plaintext, nor ciphertext are stored to disk or transmitted over the network.

THIS IS NOT A SECURE METHOD OF ENCRYPTION. This is for hobbyist or educational use only.
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