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Compare Chrome extensions: ModHeader vs Header Hacker
  • ModHeader has 493,000+ more weekly active users than Header Hacker.
  • ModHeader has 0.18 lower average rating than Header Hacker.
  • ModHeader has been rated 468 more times than Header Hacker.
  • The size of ModHeader is 205.03% the size of Header Hacker.
ModHeader ModHeader
Stats Header Hacker Header Hacker
500,000+ User count 7,000+
4.09 Average rating 4.27
589 Rating count 121
2022-06-11 Last updated 2013-05-28
333.82K Size 162.82K
4.0.9 Version 0.7
Short description
Modify HTTP request and response headers Modifies HTTP headers on the fly.
Full summary
The most popular Chrome extension to modify headers

** What can ModHeader do?**
- Add, modify, and remove request and response headers
- Use ModHeader to set X-Forwarded-For, Authorization, Access-Control-Allow-Origin, etc.
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Header Hacker is an extension that allows you to quickly and easily modify HTTP headers on the fly.  You can also pre-set certain sites to always change specific HTTP headers.

Have specific feedback?  Give me at shout on Google+!

Version 0.7 adds support for the 'Host' header.

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