Compare Chrome extensions: Language Reactor vs Video Downloader by Video Octopus 🐙

  • Language Reactor has 728,853+ more weekly active users than Video Downloader by Video Octopus 🐙.
  • Language Reactor has 0.46 lower average rating than Video Downloader by Video Octopus 🐙.
  • Language Reactor has been rated 1,271 more times than Video Downloader by Video Octopus 🐙.
  • The size of Language Reactor is 277.03% the size of Video Downloader by Video Octopus 🐙.
Language Reactor Language Reactor Stats Video Downloader by Video Octopus 🐙 Video Downloader by Video Octopus 🐙
1,000,000+ User count 271,147+
4.35 Average rating 4.81
2,855 Rating count 1,584
2021-08-30 Last updated 2021-07-07
802.82K Size 289.79K
5.0.0 Version 1.0.14
Short description
Improve your skills on your own, effectively and enjoyably, by watching films and series in the language you study. Video downloader by Octopus is useful chrome extension to download every videos from each websites you want.
Full summary
Language Reactor is a powerful toolbox for learning languages. It helps you to discover, understand, and learn from native materials. Studying will become more effective, interesting, and enjoyable! (formerly called 'Language Learning with Netflix')

The extension adds dual language subtitles, a popup dictionary, precise video playback controls and many more features when watching films and series on the Netflix website!
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Video Octupus is a video downloader Chrome extension with proprietary software. With this plugin, you can download any video from thousands of websites in different quality and lengths and save it to your disk.

Chrome Video Saver - Video Octopus Features
• It works not only on certain sites, but also on most websites thanks to the software technology it contains.
• Detects TS videos, allows you to download them in different sizes as mp4
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