OkayFreedom OkayFreedom

Publisher: http://www.okayfreedom.com
User count: 20,000+
Rating: 59
Browse freely and securely. It’s okay!

24 alternatives for OkayFreedom

1, Hideman VPN Hideman VPN
User count: 8,000+
Rating: 132
Data protection and traffic encryption
2, Recordify Title Discover Recordify Title Discover
Publisher: Abelssoft GmbH
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 22
Reads title and track information from several streaming services, and provides these to the Recordify Windows Desktop application
3, HideMe FreeVPN HideMe FreeVPN
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 114
Unblock websites and stay secure with HideMe
4, Steganos Password Manager Steganos Password Manager
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 39
Steganos Password Manager Extension. Saves and fills your passwords automatically.
5, VPN.AC SecureProxy VPN.AC SecureProxy
Publisher: https://vpn.ac
User count: 7,000+
Rating: 196
VPN.AC SecureProxy is a secure web-tunnelling extension, or a browser-based VPN.
6, FreeMyBrowser - Encrypted VPN Proxy FreeMyBrowser - Encrypted VPN Proxy
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 532
Free your browser from censorship and borders and browse secure and free the Internet.
7, Where Am I? - VPN Checker Where Am I? - VPN Checker
User count: 592
Rating: 11
Displays an icon of a flag of the country you appear to be coming from.
8, Privatoria Proxy Privatoria Proxy
User count: 350
Rating: 10
9, JustHideMe proxy JustHideMe proxy
Publisher: justhideme.com
User count: 351
Rating: 11
Set proxy from JustHideMe
User count: 743
Rating: 38
Anonymous and secure Internet access
11, TWork VPN Security TWork VPN Security
Publisher: http://twork.in
User count: 2,000+
Rating: 27
A TWork VPN Security Chrome Plugin
12, Open via UCSF Open via UCSF
Publisher: Henrik Bengtsson
User count: 156
Rating: 6
Adds options to open current page or links (e.g. journal articles) via the UCSF VPN Web Proxy.
13, Secure Wordpress Admin for VPN Secure Wordpress Admin for VPN
Publisher: Get on Social
User count: 155
Rating: 12
Allows secure login to Wordpress via remote VPN or Amazon Web Services
Publisher: Twilight IT
User count: 252
Rating: 14
Unblock any blocked website and stay secure with GFYSC VPN. Easy to use with our one-click activation and Unlimited bandwidth!
15, Anonymous VPN - WebRTC leak prevent Anonymous VPN - WebRTC leak prevent
User count: 750
Rating: 19
Protect against WebRTC leaks under VPN connection
16, FastStunnel VPN FastStunnel VPN
User count: 30,000+
Rating: 1,420
FastStunnel VPN Proxy service to fast unblock blocked websites, hide your location and encrypt your connection.
17, RyoVPN RyoVPN
User count: 5,000+
Rating: 19
Unblock the Chrome to surf the Internet!
18, NoWall proxy (by NoWall) NoWall proxy (by NoWall)
Publisher: NoWall
User count: 473
Rating: 60
Secure web proxy without ssh or vpn.
19, 12VPX 12VPX
Publisher: http://12vpx.com
User count: 7,000+
Rating: 41
Connect to 12VPX directly from your browser.
20, P2P Surf P2P Surf
Publisher: http://p2p.surf
User count: 335
Rating: 10
Proxy switch extension from p2p.surf
21, IPinator VPN IPinator VPN
User count: 2,000+
Rating: 69
IP Protection with IPinator
22, Proxy1Click - Secure Proxy Service Proxy1Click - Secure Proxy Service
User count: 981
Rating: 24
Secure Proxy Service by SSL/TLS with Rsa keys 2048 bit
23, Free Avira Phantom VPN – Unblock Websites Free Avira Phantom VPN – Unblock Websites
Publisher: Avira
User count: 90,000+
Rating: 268
Climb over firewalls to access any site – securely and privately. Unlimited data & FREE.
24, TNT Stream Unblocker TNT Stream Unblocker
User count: 973
Rating: 21
Unblock Your Favorite Streaming Sites