Facebook time tracker Facebook time tracker

Publisher: locddspkt
User count: 6
Rating: 2
Track the used time of Facebook pages. Then prevent user to use more after the time is over

23 alternatives for Facebook time tracker

1, Tracking & Ad Removal for Facebook™ Tracking & Ad Removal for Facebook™
Publisher: Z
User count: 3,000+
Rating: 26
Removes Ads and the user interaction tracking from content on Facebook™
2, Unfriend Checker Unfriend Checker
User count: 773
Rating: 5
The easiest FREE way to check who unfriended you on Facebook!
3, Socialytics Socialytics
User count: 131
Rating: 2
Facebook friends engagement analytics and remove in-active friends
4, Unfollow everyone on facebook with one click Unfollow everyone on facebook with one click
Publisher: TMP
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 80
Facebook doesn't have an unfollow all option. Unfollow all FB friends, groups & pages with one click. A 360° social media detox tool
5, Kill News Feed Kill News Feed
Publisher: Neal Wu
User count: 40,000+
Rating: 669
Saves you time by getting rid of Facebook news feed.
6, Expand Facebook Expand Facebook
Publisher: Panda.labs
User count: 313
Rating: 1
This extension enfold whole facebook timeline
7, Delete My Posts on Facebook™ Delete My Posts on Facebook™
User count: 20,000+
Rating: 124
Delete Facebook posts in bulk. Remove old posts & clear comments, photos, videos etc. Mass delete your Facebook history in one click
8, FriendFilter for Facebook™ FriendFilter for Facebook™
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 48
Manage your friends list, track engagement and locate inactive profiles to unfriend on your Facebook™ page
9, Remove Facebook login popup Remove Facebook login popup
Publisher: PoundXI
User count: 744
Rating: 6
Remove Facebook login popup when you're not logged in.
10, Social Fixer for Facebook Social Fixer for Facebook
User count: 100,000+
Rating: 3,518
Social Fixer for Facebook lets you filter your news feed, hide things you don't want to see, and more!
11, Webtime Tracker Webtime Tracker
Publisher: Peta Sittek
User count: 60,000+
Rating: 341
Discover your browsing habits! Time tracking at its best.
12, Cookie Killer for Facebook Cookie Killer for Facebook
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 88
Keeps Facebook on Facebook.com. When you log out, Facebook cookies are killed so that you aren't tracked as you traverse the web!
13, Facebook Cleaner Facebook Cleaner
Publisher: KyleLH
User count: 364
Rating: 7
Cleans up the Facebook's user interface.
14, Change design to old version for Facebook™ Change design to old version for Facebook™
Publisher: tsundykyuliya
User count: 6,000+
Rating: 72
Change Facebook to Old Design (before Sep 2020) by changing your browser's configuration to one not supported by the new Facebook
15, Study Buddy Procrastination Helper Study Buddy Procrastination Helper
User count: 254
Rating: 7
Study Enhancement Tool. Improve time management by limiting access to social media over customizable time intervals.
16, Live Search for Facebook Groups Live Search for Facebook Groups
Publisher: Silviu Stroe
User count: 264
Rating: 3
This extension allows the user to do a quick live search on Facebook groups before make a post to avoid duplicate posts.
17, Clean feed Clean feed
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 28
Remove all social interactions informations on facebook wall.
18, Post Scheduler Post Scheduler
User count: 708
Rating: 9
19, Genius Scheduler Genius Scheduler
Publisher: edakehurst
User count: 230
Rating: 4
Schedule FB posts in advance for a personal FB Profile
20, timelimit timelimit
Publisher: timelimitapp
User count: 593
Rating: 6
An extension to keep you off distracting websites!
21, Get Facebook ID Get Facebook ID
Publisher: enda.farrell
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 5
Get Facebook ID for Facebook pages.
22, Stop Scrolling Newsfeed for Facebook Stop Scrolling Newsfeed for Facebook
Publisher: tobernguyen
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 121
Go to Facebook just for WORK, but then be distracted by Newsfeed?. "Stop Scrolling Newsfeed" is here to help you GET BACK to WORK!
23, Kill News Feed & Stories. Kill News Feed & Stories.
Publisher: arryanggaputra
User count: 338
Rating: 5
Saves your time by removing the Facebook news feed and Stories in your Browser.