Umbraco Helper Extension Umbraco Helper Extension

A browser extension which helps you work quicker with Umbraco with small productivity increasing features.

This extension is no longer available in Chrome Web Store
Rating: 5.00 (1)
Users: 149
Version: 1.0.1 (Last updated: 2019-01-17)
Size: 41.46K
Price: Free
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Clicking the browser action button in your toolbar to open `/umbraco/`, or to go back to the root site `/` if you're already in Umbraco.

Double click the button to open the current page's node in Umbraco. For example, if you're on `/about-us/`, double clicking will find the corresponding Umbraco page, such as `/umbraco/#/content/content/edit/1122`.

More information about this extension is provided here.

Extensions similar to this have been created before, but this extension adds the ability to find the current page`s Umbraco node. This extension also works on both Chrome and Firefox.
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