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TripFlock is available for download. It had 13 weekly active users before it was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2021-04-29, and it has been downloaded from ChromeStats 1 times. The latest version is 1.0.1, and it was published 2 years ago. Be careful when installing it.

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Total download count: 1
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All available versions

You can find the current and older versions of TripFlock here. You can download the archived versions or inspect their source codes.

As a free user, you can access up to 5 versions. Subscribe to the paid version of ChromeStats to access more available versions.

Version Download Size Download count Timestamp
1.0.1 Sign in to download 112.42K 1 2020-09-13
How to install TripFlock from a ZIP file
  1. Download and unpack the TripFlock ZIP file to a directory of your choice.
  2. In Chrome browser, go to chrome://extensions
  3. Enable Developer mode.
  4. Click on the Load Unpacked button.
  5. Select the directory of with the unpacked TripFlock ZIP file from step 1. TripFlock is now installed on your browser.
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