WhatsApp Group Contacts Exporter (WAXP) WhatsApp Group Contacts Exporter (WAXP)

Export saved and unsaved contacts with names & status from WhatsApp groups for free.

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Version: 1.11 (Last updated: 2020-05-22)
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WhatsApp Group Contacts Exporter (WAXP) plugin allows you to export saved or unsaved contacts from any WhatsApp group to a CSV file using WhatsApp web.

How to use this extension ?
1. Open web.whatsapp.com and connect your phone
2. Select the group from which you want to export contacts
3. Click on the extension icon, choose the type of export and hit Export

WAXP features include:

* Export saved/unsaved contacts with their names to a CSV file
* Group name is used as CSV filename
* Unknown phone numbers without names can be exported instantly
* Users can add a prefix to every unsaved contact name for easily identifying the source of a contact

Want to contribute? Feel free: 
You can verify there isn't anything funny going on by looking at the code, and submit a patch if you'd like to improve this!

**A note about permissions**: This extension currently needs access to web.whatsapp.com in order to work.