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Magnatech traveler tracking map

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SafeToGo allows the travel arrangers, the travel agency that you use, to know of a problem that might affect your trip and take action, perhaps even before you become aware of it yourself.An advanced scanning system monitors world media, flight schedule data, government web services and other postings for events that could impact your trip.

A full sized travel document is delivered to you by email at time of booking, and to your company travel arranger.

This itinerary/invoice is archived for one full year and can be retrieved by your office via a private web portal

The SafeToGo Itinerary Map will display the location of everyone traveling  for your company. If a hazard like a tsunami, terrorist activity, or freakish weather develops while you're away, the hazard will show up on a map in your company offices, and at the offices of the travel management company.
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