WarriorMonk WarriorMonk

A quick way for Analysts to easily search strings in various browser based resources.

This extension was removed from Chrome Web Store on 2021-10-22
By: eric
Rating: 5.00 (1)
Users: 73
Version: 1.3 (Last updated: 2018-09-06)
Size: 243.71K
Risk level: Moderate risk
Security analyst quick notes and a way to easily search strings in various browser based resources, created by ProtectWise 401TRG. The add-on currently consists of two main functions. First, highlight text in your browser, and right click and select WarriorMonk. Then select your search of choice for the highlighted string.

RiskIQ PassiveTotal
VirusTotal Intelligence
CyberChef - hosted
Google - Quoted string
Google - Translate

Firefox Only: The secondary feature is the Quick Notes sidebar in the browser. This is just an HTML text box, so feel free to use it to jot down quick notes while investigating something. You can also highlight and right click anything in the sidebar to search as well. Note, this sidebar will stay in place while switching between tabs. However it will not save content when closed or browser is closed.

Please send any feedback/questions to our contact email address. More options to be added soon!
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