Browser Safety Browser Safety

Warns of malicious websites and prevents giving up personal information by accident.

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Version: 0.13 (Last updated: 2018-03-13)
Size: 101.61K
Price: Free
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Browser Safety
Surfing without concerns! The free browser add-on Browser Safety recognizes insecure websites and warns you immediately. 

About this add-on
Protect your personal data by using Browser Safety. 
You should think about the right internet security as soon as possible to avoid any phishing or malware attacks. A reliable protection for your internet activities is more important than you think. 
The add-on can immediately begin to protect your personal data from dubious and potentially harmful websites. 

-Free, fast & easy
-Reliable e-mail protection, preventing dubious redirects
-Access to extensive databases with listed phishing domains
-Real-time protection through innovative algorithmic techniques
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