Chrome extension monetization
Chrome extension monetization

Lookup Lookup

This extension helps you to lookup anything in Wikipedia , or Arch Linux Wiki without interrupting your browsing experience.

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Version: (Last updated: 2016-07-23)
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This open source chrome extension will help you to get quick definitions of words or the translation of foreign sentences. It achieves this by searching through Wikipedia, and ArchWiki (and if you are German even through the latest Duden).

Only German and English are currently available as an output language for definitions and translations but bear in mind that the actual interface is in English only. This might sound strange but trust me you won't notice it since this merely concerns the settings page and the tip!

The translator accepts either English, German, French, Spanish or Russian as input language.

Privacy Policy: The extensions saves the last couple of queries locally on your computer so that you can easily get back to a previous search. The search strings are sent directly to the selected servers like Wikipedia, etc. in encrypted form whenever possible and to no other server than the ones selected. Neither information about you nor your device is stored or evaluated.  At no point is user data collected or gets sent to a server.
Please feel free to have a look at the source code of this extensions. It is openly available at the project page.
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