Kimi no Na wa Wallpapers New Tab Theme Kimi no Na wa Wallpapers New Tab Theme

Сool Theme with Kimi no Na wa wallpaper for your new tab

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Version: 1.0 (Last updated: 2019-10-21)
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We have prepared a real makeover for your Chrome Browser. So meet our brand new Kimi no Na wa Wallpapers Theme! This app was created to bring some colors and brightness to your day. Without any doubts – this amazing Kimi no Na wa Wallpapers HD New Tab is exactly what you was looking for. The real fans of Kimi no Na wa movie will never miss an opportunity to get such a cool backgrounds and wallpapers HD in a pair with useful features. And here is the short list of features we provide in our apps.
-  List of most viewed websites
-  List of favorite websites
-  Local data and time wherever you are
-  List of quite useful apps and services
-  And the most important - Kimi no Na wa Wallpapers HD. You can pick your favorite background or just let them change by default. You choose! And we can guarantee – you`ll get the best and the brightest wallpapers from the whole web.
Don`t you think, that your Chrome New Tab looks very boring? Then how about to make an amazing makeover with our Kimi no Na wa Wallpapers Theme backgrounds? The best way to bring comfort and colors to your browsing process is to install superb Kimi no Na wa Wallpapers Theme for Chrome New Tab.
We think that our new Kimi no Na wa wallpapers and backgrounds Theme is exactly what you need. So simply install and have fun!

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