AliHelper - shopping assistant AliHelper - shopping assistant

Compare Chrome extensions: AliHelper - shopping assistant vs 购物党自动比价工具
  • AliHelper - shopping assistant has 191,000+ fewer weekly active users than 购物党自动比价工具.
  • AliHelper - shopping assistant has 0.57 higher average rating than 购物党自动比价工具.
  • AliHelper - shopping assistant has been rated 373 less times than 购物党自动比价工具.
  • The size of AliHelper - shopping assistant is 217.22% the size of 购物党自动比价工具.
AliHelper - shopping assistant AliHelper - shopping assistant
Stats 购物党自动比价工具 购物党自动比价工具
9,000+ User count 200,000+
4.20 Average rating 3.63
10 Rating count 383
2022-07-20 Last updated 2022-04-27
12.44M Size 5.73M
2.25.25 Version 5.11.55
Short description
AliExpress ™ price history, best prices monitoring, package tracking, feedback, real seller rating. 浏览商品页面时,自动查询180天历史价格、比较同款商品的全网最低价、提示促销和隐藏优惠券、一旦降价还能通过微信提醒你,海淘、二手房和Steam游戏也能比价!
Full summary
— Real seller rating – don’t purchase from unreliable sellers;
— Price history - find out how the price was changing for the last 6 months;
— Follow the product - get notification when the price drops;
— Real feedback - be sure of high product quality before buying;
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