Intent. Intent.

Don't block the internet, use it with Intent.

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Version: 1.2.26 (Last updated: 2020-05-01)
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It's becoming clear: the Internet is making us unhappy.* Seemingly innocent distractions turn into large, unintended time drains. We face regret in how we spend our time on the web. And ad-based internet companies are only making this worse.†

So we built Intent. We use your browsing habits to build a plan that helps you spend less time on distracting sites. 

We don't try to block the internet and we don't guilt you for using sites you enjoy. Instead, we help you understand how you use the internet, how much happiness your usage brings, and how your time trades off against other activities.

With Intent you'll build a habit of online awareness -- awareness of how you spend time online, of when you have the desire to spend time online, and of what drives that desire. Intent aims to empower you to take back control of your relationship with technology.

Start browsing with Intent now!

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