Tampermonkey Tampermonkey

Compare Chrome extensions: Tampermonkey vs 集装箱
  • Tampermonkey has 9,900,000+ more weekly active users than 集装箱.
  • Tampermonkey has 0.01 higher average rating than 集装箱.
  • Tampermonkey has been rated 69,377 more times than 集装箱.
  • The size of Tampermonkey is 154.44% the size of 集装箱.
Tampermonkey Tampermonkey
Stats 集装箱 集装箱
10,000,000+ User count 100,000+
4.73 Average rating 4.71
69,597 Rating count 220
2022-05-04 Last updated 2020-12-13
1.45M Size 936.96K
4.16.1 Version 0.2.9
Short description
The world's most popular userscript manager 一个插件,提供一揽子服务。
Full summary
Tampermonkey is one of the most popular browser extensions with over 10 million users.

Tampermonkey is used to run so-called userscripts (sometimes also called Greasemonkey scripts) on websites.
Userscripts are small computer programs that change the layout of a page, add or remove new functionality and content, or automate actions.
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