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Master and practice algebraic concepts with the SAS Algebra I Course, free from SAS Curriculum Pathways.

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The Algebra I Course, free from SAS Curriculum Pathways, provides content that allows students to master algebraic concepts including graphing, solving, simplifying, and factoring.  Students develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and reasoning skills as they work through the course’s ten units with lessons divided into five parts.

•   Get Ready: Students review an introduction to each lesson, the objectives covered, and the vocabulary terms they will encounter.
•   Learn: Students review instructional content with interactive components and guided practice. They will solve and graph equations and inequalities, simplify expressions, and analyze data sets. They will compare functions, models, and data sets and explain their reasoning. As they work through questions, they will receive immediate feedback. 
•   Practice: Students confirm the learning of the concepts by completing additional problems similar to those found throughout the Learn pages. They will receive immediate feedback as they work through the practice problems. They can save, print, or send a summary of their Practice results.

•   Quiz: Students assess understanding of lesson concepts by completing quiz problems. They can save, print, or send a generated answer page that will document their submitted problems and mark all work and answers as correct or incorrect.

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