Arabic Self-Learning Arabic Self-Learning

User count: 64
Rating: 1
Arabic Self-Learning developed by Shababpsu

24 alternatives for Arabic Self-Learning

1, Hello Vocabulary Hello Vocabulary
Publisher: coherence0815
User count: 42
Rating: 0
Should I memorize this vocabulary
2, ArabicTransliterator ArabicTransliterator
Publisher: awillborn
User count: 57
Rating: 1
Arabic Transliterator searches Google Scholar for multiple English transliterations of Arabic words given an input of one…
3, Arabic morphology tool Arabic morphology tool
Publisher: ik.nitk
User count: 200
Rating: 2
Tool to display morphology of arabic word when selected
4, Yamli Yamli
User count: 10,000+
Rating: 573
Write Arabic anywhere on the web using Yamli's Smart Arabic Keyboard.
5, iFunny Arabic iFunny Arabic
Publisher: Fady Youssef
User count: 3
Rating: 1
iFunny - Best comics from every source
6, Fahm Arabic Pop-up Dictionary Fahm Arabic Pop-up Dictionary
User count: 559
Rating: 20
Hover, click or select to translate from Arabic to English
7, Wikipedia kufi font Wikipedia kufi font
Publisher: ACH
User count: 28
Rating: 4
Read Wikipedia with Google droid arabic kufi font - مطالعة ويكبيديا بإستعمل خط درويد كوفي
8, 트윗바 트윗바
Publisher: Xnuk
User count: 21
Rating: 2
ㅌ ㄴㄱ x_nuk
9, Arabic Dictionary Arabic Dictionary
Publisher: haikalzain
User count: 2,000+
Rating: 37
Look Up Arabic Words on the Fly!
10, ARABEASY Keyboard type Arabic in English IME ARABEASY Keyboard type Arabic in English IME
User count: 675
Rating: 24
ARABEASY.NET input method 1:1 map. F2 toggle ON/OFF. Efficient, minimal/faster transliteration map, Farsi, Urdu
11, SpeedReader SpeedReader
Publisher: jamie
User count: 21
Rating: 0
A speedy reader for chrome.
12, Focus Focus
Publisher: zjw
User count: 77
Rating: 6
Easily focus on reading articles by eliminating distractions and focusing on what matters.
13, Arabic Script Arabic Script
Publisher: Mohalobaidi
User count: 33
Rating: 0
This extension Changes Arabic from rtl to ltr
14, Photographic Memory Speed Reading Time Save Photographic Memory Speed Reading Time Save
User count: 31
Rating: 0
ZOX Save Time Using Photographic Memory Speed Reading and Accelerated Learning Methods by ZOX Pro and Access to Free Mind Training
15, Arabdict Arabdict
Publisher: Katvin Kassani
User count: 198
Rating: 8
Arabdict is a general and specialized dictionary German-Arabic & Arabic-German with a focus on economics, law and politics and more.
16, Huruf Huruf
Publisher: Jackson Petty
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 42
Allows you to set the font and size of Arabic text, making it easy to read.
17, Quranic Vocabulary Quranic Vocabulary
Publisher: Abubakar Abid
User count: 247
Rating: 10
Shows a random word from Quran in Arabic and its English meaning on a beautiful background when user opens a new tab.
18, المعجم المعاصر المعجم المعاصر
User count: 139
Rating: 3
Used to display arabic definitions...
19, Hoverpedia Hoverpedia
Publisher: rbilgil
User count: 46
Rating: 4
Stop getting frustrated with dozens of Wikipedia tabs
20, يُروى - محرك بحث عربي للمقولات الإجتماعية يُروى - محرك بحث عربي للمقولات الإجتماعية
User count: 53
Rating: 4
يٌروى - هو محرك بحث عربي متخصص بالبحث في المقولات المتبادلة على الشبكات الإجتماعية و لدينا حاليا أكثر من 3.5 مليون مقولة
21, Textbooks Please! Textbooks Please!
User count: 307
Rating: 5
This extension makes it easier to find the best price for textbooks.
22, Vocabulist Vocabulist
User count: 84
Rating: 2
This extension provides a translation in the form of a tool-tip or 'speech bubble' that appears above words in the text of web-pages
23, vocBlocks LookUp vocBlocks LookUp
User count: 214
Rating: 7
vocBlocks LookUp: Dictionary, Pronunciation, Learning
24, Serial Speed Reader Serial Speed Reader
Publisher: Sam Larison
User count: 120
Rating: 7
A program that will serially display selected text word by word.