Quick Color Converter Quick Color Converter

Publisher: agajewski.com
User count: 318
Rating: 4
Quickly convert to and from HEX and RGB.

24 alternatives for Quick Color Converter

1, Color Thief - 色泥棒 Color Thief - 色泥棒
Publisher: koeri
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 6
2, Quick Color Quick Color
Publisher: agajewski.com
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 5
Generate random colors for design inspiration.
3, Web-Smart Color Converter Web-Smart Color Converter
Publisher: Texugo Atroz
User count: 20
Rating: 2
Aplicativo que converte e compara cores hexadecimais de 24-bits (True Color) para cores de 12-bits (web-smart) e 8-bits (web-safe).
4, Night Shift (Lux control) Night Shift (Lux control)
Publisher: joue.quroi
User count: 46
Rating: 2
Control red, green, and blue color levels for both daytime and nighttime
5, ColorMixture ColorMixture
User count: 57
Rating: 15
Show grey, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan scales of an image
6, Color Palette Color Palette
User count: 2,000+
Rating: 7
Advanced colors palette with color conversion for RGB and HEX
7, Color Palette Finder Color Palette Finder
Publisher: jamesaburnell
User count: 895
Rating: 5
Find the most commonly used colors on any site! Creates a palette of HEX and RGBA values.
8, ColorHexa Search Tool ColorHexa Search Tool
User count: 3,000+
Rating: 17
Full information about any color (schemes, shades, conversion in rgb, hsl, etc.). Eyedropper, Color Picker and Gradient Generator.
9, Colors Dev Panel Colors Dev Panel
Publisher: Roy Kolak
User count: 138
Rating: 5
Colors, in your dev inspector
10, Hue Tab Hue Tab
Publisher: Vishal Devireddy
User count: 91
Rating: 2
A customizable HSL color picker on every new tab page
11, ColorBlindClick ColorBlindClick
Publisher: savedev
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 5
Assistant for ColorBlind people
12, Color-Converter Color-Converter
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 6
Convert your color to other color-formats (hex <-> rgb <-> hsl)
13, Hex Color Code Hex Color Code
Publisher: valao
User count: 2,000+
Rating: 21
Hex Color Code is a simple & user-friendly Hex Code generator for Chrome. No permissions needed.
14, RGB HEX Converter RGB HEX Converter
Publisher: Yizhao He
User count: 88
Rating: 0
This extension performs the conversion between rgb and hex. It's fast and stable.
15, colourSpy colourSpy
Publisher: brandonbarker
User count: 171
Rating: 4
Easily view CSS colours used on a website.
16, Color Space Color Space
Publisher: NorthernEyes
User count: 5,000+
Rating: 52
Это расширение с лёгкостью ищет любой оттенок цвета по имени. Кроме того, вы можете ввести данные цвета в rgb, hsv и hex форматах
17, color-pusher color-pusher
User count: 102
Rating: 1
Easy color theme tweaking for any website as Chrome DevTools panel
18, Dec-Bin-Hex Converter Dec-Bin-Hex Converter
User count: 579
Rating: 9
This extension helps in converting between decimal,binary and hexadecimal big numbers
19, FreshEyes FreshEyes
User count: 231
Rating: 3
Adapts webpage for color blind people.
20, Advance Color Picker Advance Color Picker
Publisher: Gumify
User count: 1,000+
Rating: 11
Make your design work more easy, with Color Picker
21, Color Picker Color Picker
Publisher: Yubi
User count: 2,000+
Rating: 3
Search for the perfect color via an stylish color picker in a popup window.
22, Videogamma ambilight effect Videogamma ambilight effect
Publisher: justapoorstuden
User count: 91
Rating: 10
Add cool ambilight effects for html5 videos .Designed for use with YouTube™ .
23, Pro Visu Look Pro Visu Look
User count: 122
Rating: 2
Background, text color and font size change.
24, Color Picker Color Picker
Publisher: Shibin Philip
User count: 433
Rating: 26
Simple color picker tool / eye dropper for get Hexadecimal and RGB values from color pallet.